A life learner who loves summer weather with multi interests followed

Brewing my own coffee, cook a tasty food for my fellas, spending my time strolling around to random places, meet different kinds of people, knowing their story, learn from them and capturing thousands amazing moment of life to enrich my soul.

Every single story that I’ve learnt make me realize that there is always struggle and sincerity to bring someone to become who they really are.

It’s the same reason that made fall in love with wedding photography.

In the middle of two happiest couple of that time, knowing their struggles to be finally walk down the aisle. Standing tall, seeing every magical moment and make it lasts forever.

It’s a pleasant feeling you found your way here and considering me to photograph such amazing celebration, and create a timeless emotion, till the day your hair turns grey.

Welcome to Lights Journal. Get in touch, and let the photo do the work.